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We help companies and agencies with early stages of their digital projects and products, delivering ideal assignments to designers, UI and coders.

We’re a skilled and experienced duo of UX designers, working together for more than eight years and driven by our strengths and talents.

We love to kick-start meaningful projects. Here’s how we work:

Understanding the needs of both clients and users is the basis of success

Sometimes we’re guided only by our intuition, other times we use hard data and UX research methods.

Thanks to Peter’s twenty years of experience, we are able to deliver ideas and suggestions almost immediately, without the need for long and complicated meetings or analysis.

Connecting design thinking with analytics and data. The result is a product doomed to success.

Mariana’s TOP talent Responsibility pushes us to complete projects to perfection and the combination of her other talents allows her to perceive the issues in both width and depth.

Finally.. We have the idea how the product works and how it will look.

We are part of the team of developers and at the same time we are a bridge between creatives, clients and users. At this stage, the most important is to not only finalise a visual idea of what the product should look like but also to determine the steps on how to proceed with its creation.

We know what it means to convince a client that we can't run the complete app with all planned features right away, we can communicate what an MVP version is and we can also prepare a real launch plan along with documentation for developers in clear standards.

When one person does everything, problems may arrise. We are here to prevent them.

Different project stages require different talents


Peter can use his talents of Empathy, Futuristic and Connectedness to help create or reevaluate the best ideas and suggest which ones to implement.


Thanks to the experience from many successful projects, we can prepare and deliver the project at the concept stage or help with its creation or consultation.


Clickable prototype of web or application can help you get a real idea of required functionality. The final prototype is a realistic representation of your vision and idea.

UX design and outputs

Each project has its own team setup and we help these teams deliver the outputs that are needed for the next stages of development, coding, or UI design.


Multidisciplinary approach

We enter projects in different phases. We help to start new projects, but also to revive existing ones. We can grasp many themes and distill them into a form that is functional and applicable to real-world operations.

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Brand, strategy & research

Brand is more than just a logo or colors. It's how people perceive your product, business and services. If these 3 elements are synergistically combined, this can be the best start to a good project.

Information Architecture

The result of the information architecture is a detailed specification of the website, which serves as an assignment for graphic designers as well as developers in implementation of the website (including the content management system).

Content and Creative work

Build a relationship with your potential or existing customers. A relationship that will benefit both parties. That is the role of content marketing. Believe that it will serve your customers and eventually you for years to come.

Business model

A business model represents the basic principle of how a company creates, transmits and acquires value. A functional digital product must be mapped to the business model. They can influence one another.

UX/UI & Service Design

Our job is to design a product or service that can bring a visitor or customer to a predetermined goal without any issues or problems. Our outputs are assignments and basis for the next stages of design.

Project Management

We have dozens of projects under our belt. We have been part of a variety of team setups and we realize that well-set processes with quality people are the primary foundation of success.

Platforms and environments that we like to work in

Let’s work together

Great vision without great people is irrelevant.

A new project is an opportunity to create something unique.

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